Drive Concept Launched National Coastal Communities Cleaning And Health Clinic Project

To eradicate filth engulfing the fishing communities in Ghana and checking the health status of residents around fishing communities,a conscientizing and sensitization programme has being launchto enhance a social equity and a cleaner environment.

Speaking at the launch in Tema Deputy Minister of Fisheries, Hon. Benita OkityDuah said, fish is a highly perishable commodity, and if not handled properly can bring about, many illnesses immediately fish is caught from its natural environment decomposition sets in.

“That is why the fish has to be kept in very clean environment starting from the vessel that caught it till it is landed and sold”. She stated.

She said the ministry of fisheries is working hand in hand with the ministry of local Government to help maintain a clean fishing harbor to avoid the contamination of fish.

“Fish is food so must be keep under good sanitary and hygienic conditions” she lamented.

The national coastal communities cleaning and health clinic project was launched by Drive Concept, a non-governmental organizationwith the aim to unleash life changing programs to effects change in the generations and fishing habour in the Tema municipalities and its environs.

On his part Executive Director of Drive ConceptMr. Joseph Quaynorstarted that, the drive concept was formed in 2013, but it became a legal entity in 2015 registered under the registrar generals department of Ghana.

He said the goal of the project is to be global anchorage for change through events and community based project.

The theme of the project according to the executive director “A clean fishing Habour, Health Clinic Project”

“Our fishing communities are now turning into refuse dumping site, our beaches and seashores are all filled with dirt and feaces, fisher folks traders, hawkers and buyers litter the environment with all kinds of refuse and also defecate along the beaches without considering the implication of their actions”. He lamented.

Joseph Q. said some fishing communities lack facilities and policies to keep the environment clean and health because of poor sanitation facilities, inadequate facilities, irregular waste collection and many others.

The project he said will help fisher folks and residents of the fishing communities to be parts of the effort aimed in keeping a clean environment.

He said another aim of the project is to increase economic growth and productivity and create blooding donation awareness as well as advocacy campaign to meet to millennium development goal.

He appeal to chief, traditional heads and other agencies to consider the project and make tremendous effort to make the project a success.

Dr. NiiAdjeiKrakullTemaMantse, disclose that, the fishing habour is designated for all fishing activities and not a home for and market place for all goods.

He said workers has turn the fishing habour into permanent homes and markets of some fishers resulting in the construction of make shift structures.

Dr. NiiAdjeiKrakull advices workers in the fishing activities to inculcate the habits of periodic visits to the hospital to them by bringing it to their doorstep. Adding that they must work effective and keep the habours clean.

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