Dr Abu Sakara proposes six year presidential term

2012 Convention People’s Party (CPP) presidential candidate Dr Abu Sakara no longer has confidence in the borrowed presidential four-year term because it is unresponsive to the demand for consistent progress.

“I am proposing that we Ghanaians knowing the low responsiveness we have in our political system” should adopt a six-year term of office for the President.

He is proposing one term that offers the president six years in office to execute at least “four years of consistent development”.

Dr Sakara was speaking at a forum organized by the University of Professional Studies in Accra.

Ghana’s constitution prescribes a maximum of two terms of four years each – a system popular with many presidential systems around the world.

Dr Sakara fears however, that because newly elected governments often need a year to warm themselves up for governance and often use their fourth year for political campaigns, Ghana is consigned to two-years of development if any at all.

According to the CPP leader, “Ghanaians need to come together to formulate a new system based on a shared vision and that is something we can do for ourselves”.

He says nobody is forcing Ghana to live with the four-year term because by its nature “political systems evolve”.

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