DPSI Student wins National Junior Open Chess Competition

Arun Roshen, a grade 10 student of the Delhi Public School International (DPSI) is the champion of the National Junior Open Chess competition.

The tournament which took place at the premises of DPSI in Tema was organised by Mentors Chess Academy under the auspices of the Ghana Chess Association.

Over 45 students from the Ghana International School (GIS), Tema International School, Al-Rayan International School, Queens International School, Soul Clinic International School, University of Ghana, Tema Parent and DPSI participated in the competition.

It is the first major tournament for Arun who won a gold medal and was given a certificate for his effort. Arun has also qualified to contest in the national chess competition.

He credits the victory to his dad who introduced him to chess at a very tender age and continues to coach him.

His father was a former university champion in India and his strategies formed the foundation on which the DPSI student developed his chess tactics.

“My dad is my mentor. I started playing with him when I was in class four. He helped me understand the game and I learnt how he plays. I later came up with my own tricks based on what he taught me,” he said.

The boy who aspires to be an Astrophysicist says chess has taught him to be patient and employ careful plans in every aspect of his life.

The Principal of DPSI, Mr. David Raj underscored the importance of chess as a tool for academic development.

What he appreciates the most about chess is that “so many people play at the same time but each and every student is focused on his/her board and moves”.

He believes this will improve the level of concentration of his students in academic work. He further explained that the dedication and constant use of various strategies will help students in the study of numerous subjects that are taught in school.

The Principal added that the sense of competition in chess will also make students to strive for the best in life.

For an educational institution which believes in holistic training he thinks the formation of a chess academy in the school will provide a good avenue for learning.

He says plans are far advanced with the Director of Mentors Chess Academy, Mr. Philip Ameku who has expressed enthusiasm in forming an academy to further train the students for future national and international competitions.

Mr. Raj said the school is dedicated to create more learning opportunities and expose students to experiences that will place them on a higher pedestal in life.

He revealed that he will soon organise trips for students to visit NASA and a Biology/Zoology centre in Kenya for them to appreciate and experience beyond the tuition they receive in the classrooms.

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