DPSI pupils showcase talent in Science and Technology

The Delhi Public School International (DPSI) located in Tema, has created a platform through its ‘Science Expo 2015′ for pupils to exhibit their scientific abilities.

The pupils presented a wide range of topics at the exhibition which was held at the premises of the school on Saturday 21 st February, 2015.  

DPSI is a top ranking school in Ghana which is affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE).

The school mandated the pupils to research, design and make a brief presentation about their projects at the exhibition witnessed by their parents and other guests.

The children exhibited brilliant ideas ranging from Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Environmental Science and Mathematics.

Perhaps these pupils could lead the way in providing some ideas to solve the current energy crises that has rocked the country resulting in an intense load shedding exercise for several months as various modern sources of energy featured prominently at the programme.

Twelve year old Vishal Thakwani explained and demonstrated how Nuclear Energy can be used to provide electricity and confidently handled questions from visiting parents like an expert.

With so much sunshine in our part of the world, Maame, a young pupil in grade 10 showcased a project on Solar Updraft Tower, a renewable-energy power plant for generating electricity from solar power.   

Raj Thakwani, Veer Kreshra and Rithik Khedar produced a miniature dam and explained the concept behind the production of electricity using Hydro – Electric Power.   Others included Biogas Plant, Offshore Wind Plant and Wind Mills that are mounted on land.

Maxwell Fenuku and Samuel Aryee, both A – Level students combined their knowledge to assemble a first of a kind motorised tricycle. The tricycle was made of two rear quad tyres and the front part was prepared using some parts from a royal motorbike.  A fuel tank from a generator was fitted at the back and connected to a Q – Link engine which powers the tricycle. Both students were very excited and acknowledged the important skills they learnt as participants of the Head of State Awards Scheme (HOSA) which was valuable in completing their project.

Another fascinating project was the Obstacle and Cliff Avoiding Robot which was created by Rishab Goel. The robot has built-in sensors that use echo to determine obstacles in its path and manoeuvre its way to avoid crash.

There were several other fascinating science demonstrations relating to climate change, total internal reflection which explains the bright nature of diamonds, harmful effects of soft drinks, how to save water and transform arid lands into productive fields, pollution and prevention of malaria, deforestation, sewage treatment plant, a progressive village that recycles most of its waste materials, a smart village and a model Jubilee Oil Rig.

Mr. Mukesh Thakwani is the Director of DPSI and CEO of B5 Plus Limited, a Tema based steel company. In his assessment, he said he was very impressed with the intelligence of the pupils and was hopeful that they will grow to become leaders that will transform society.

Mr. Thakwani noted that, “it [the Expo] was excellent. Lots of parents came and told us that they have never seen anything like that. The confidence level of the children is on the high side and the good thing is that they know the subject matter of their projects,” he added.

The Principal of DPSI, Mr. David Raj emphasised on the importance of science and technology to modern society. He disclosed that DPSI makes learning practical with hands-on training to ensure that pupils transform theories into real world scenarios.

He was pleased with the “confidence, enthusiasm and dedication” of the pupils and highlighted important skills such as researching, public speaking, teamwork, leadership and patience that pupils benefit from participation in such science fairs. He advised pupils to harness and use the benefits of science to improve society.

Parents who shared their thoughts were very excited with the level of knowledge and practical demonstrations displayed by their wards.

“In life you aspire to be great but there is always a beginning and the beginning is what we are seeing from these kids. In other schools they don’t do any extracurricular activities. They just go every day and then its exams and just that. Once kids learn how to work with their hands it is good for them and will help them in the future. Parents should encourage kids to do extracurricular activities and be innovative,” a father of one of the pupils revealed.

Prisca Baidoo, another parent who assessed the expo was amazed by what the kids presented. She said: “This is a brilliant and very educative programme. This is very practical, if they can do things like this at such tender age and if they continue like this, we will have people building airplanes and other sophisticated machines. This is one of the most productive science fairs and I think DPS should be rated as a top school in Ghana when it comes to science”.

DPSI has won several laurels in various competitions.  The school has won the National Spelling Bee Competition for three years consecutively.  

They also represented Ghana last year in the World Scholars’ Cup held at the Yale University in the United States of America where they won five medals.

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