Dormaa MCE,Police Storms ATV Asem Yi Di Ka Show

Hon. Gordon Asubonteng MCE of Dormaa and police stormed the Dormaa Ahenkro Presby park where ATV was hosting it’s “Asem Yi Di Ka” show demanding they stop the show that was supposed to air for two hours.

The move that nearly caused a heated confrontation between the crowed and the police as the aggrieved clients of the Bono Micro Finance crisis who has flooded the venue stopped the ATV crew from leaving.

Speaking to the host of the show Speaker Nana Fianko, he explained that the production team invites representative of political parties and the MCE to be part of the show but the MCE told the team he can’t be available for the show since he had a program elsewhere but surprisingly stormed the place with policemen to stop the program.

“The MCE and the police only told us it is an order from above to come stop the show since the president and his people are not happy with the show. But this is a current affair news talk show that discusses and addresses topical issues in the country. It is only in the region to give viewers an opportunity to express their views and concerns on issues affecting them. So we don’t really know why there should be an order to call off the program in the region” he added.

The ATV crew were later invited by the police commander of the area for further interrogations.

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