Dont Drive Experienced People Out Of Politics – Bagbin Cautions

Hon. Alban S K Bagbin

Hon. Alban S K Bagbin

The Majority Leader and Member representing Nadowli-Kaleo Constituency, Hon. Alban S K Bagbin has said that Ghanaians should encourage the experience hands in politics to stay put to help the nation with their tremendous knowledge instead of constantly calling for their heads.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with, the former Minister of Health was of the view that castigating people for longevity is not helping the country and undermining the work of parliament.

He said that “as much us the injection of fresh blood and for that matter the youth is always welcomed, it should not be done at the expense of experienced MPs”

Hon Bagbin who recently received overwhelming endorsement from his constituents in the recent NDC Parliamentary Primaries called on the young people aspiring to take over from the old guards to do so with patience, respect and tactfulness instead of trying every Machiavellian means to achieve their ambitions.

“So many times, just because someone wants to take your place as an MP, the person goes to every length including telling lies and discrediting you of your achievements to render you unpopular but that is not the right way to go”

“The handing over of leadership from the young to the old must not lead us into a mini war; it has to be done in line with positive principles”

He added “after dedicating my whole adult life to serving the people of Nadowly/Kaleo Constituency, it shouldn’t take the ambition of one young person to discredit me of all the credit I deserve and make me appear a villain before the people I have served with all my life”

The founding member of Pan African Parliament who wasn’t happy with some comments and lies perpetuated by his opponent during the primaries said the attitude of the youth and their impatience makes it very difficult to identify potentials and nurture them because most of the people he has tried to help end up turning their back on him and that has been the experience of most experience politicians who try to build people

Hon Bagbin who was said to have decided not to contest again but was forced to rescind his decision indicated that it gets to a time when the decision to contest or step down no longer lies with the individual but his constituents and party who gave him the opportunity to serve them in the first place

According to him, his long stay in parliament has been made possible by the connection he has with his constituents and the dedicated service he has rendered to them and the country.

He concluded by calling on the youth to be guided by truthfulness in their quest to serve the nation through politics because it is the only they can last at the top echelon of politics.

Hon Bagbin is the only Parliamentarian in the history of Ghana to have held both the Majority and Minority Leader position and considered in many quarters as Ghana’s best Member of Parliament at all time.

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