Don’t Compare Me To Anas – Amidu

Former Attorney General (AG) Martin A.B.K. Amidu says he should never be compared to popular investigative journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas in the fight against corruption because they are not in competition.

‘The difference between Anas Aremeyaw Anas and me is that he is a for profit covert agent who operates to divert attention from political corruption in the Government whilst I expose Government political corruption,’ he insisted.

 Anas, the former Attorney General said, ‘is not my age mate. My son is older than him and he is older than my last daughter by three years.’

As far as Martin Amidu is concerned, ‘there is no competition between me and Anas.’

Mr Amidu, who has come to be known as Citizen Vigilante for his anti-corruption exploits, appears to be on the path of dismantling the investigative piece compiled by the popular investigative journalist and his Tiger Eye PI team which details the bribery and corruption in the judiciary that rocked the nation recently.

He has persistently insisted that the Mahama-led NDC government ‘commissioned’ Anas to investigate the allegation of bribery and corruption, the results of which have sent tongues wagging.

 Mr Amidu questioned the integrity of Anas’ recent investigation into judicial bribery, saying the undercover journalist was being used by government for propaganda purposes.

Anas has variously parried Mr Amidu’s claims as false and said he has been working independently to expose rot in the country but anytime the popular journalist rebuts the claims, the former AG hits back.

 “Mr Amidu, you have been a symbol of the anti-corruption fight. The light of your candle has probably blazed and radiated our path. Kindly rest, assured that our work does not seek, in any way, to dim or diminish your glow and radiance.

“We recommend to you the deeply reflective eternal words of the American clergyman, James Keller that ‘a candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.’

“We add our own words that the brightness of your candle is not in any way reduced when another lighted candle is brought into the room. You have done a great job,” Anas wrote on Facebook in reaction to Amidu’s latest epistle.

Government Service Passport
‘He is a paid commissioned agent of government with a biometric Government Service Passport whilst I am a private not for profit anti-crusader,’ Amidu said in his latest article copied to the media yesterday.

‘As a former Deputy Attorney-General, Minister of the Interior with additional responsibility for Security and Intelligence, and Attorney-General, I can swear on my honour that the Ghana Police Service, Bureau of National Investigations, the National Security Coordinator’s office, the Military Intelligence, and other domestic and external investigative and intelligence agencies established under the 1992 Constitution when well-funded could have done more creditably what the dummy and fraudulent Tiger Eye PI produced for payment in dollars.

‘This Gargantuan politically corrupt Government declared in my Supreme Court cases, chooses to bypass the constitutional security agencies to use the dummy and fraudulent Tiger Eye PI only for its own selfish financial, corrupt and unconstitutional reasons,’ he added.

Company Registration
He said ‘an anti-corruption activist must himself be a man of unblemished integrity and law abiding; that is why Tiger Eye PI, known on its as Tiger Eye PI: Private Investigation Agency in Ghana, must confirm its statement of yesterday that there is a company registered under the laws of Ghana as Tiger Eye PI or Tiger Eye PI Limited.’

‘I have contended that Tiger Eye PI, described as a private investigation agency in Ghana, is a dummy, criminal, and fraudulent vehicle scamming the domestic and international public,’ he stated, adding, ‘Tiger Eye PI’s response is that I am right in only so far as it failed to use the suffix limited after its name to read Tiger Eye PI Limited as demanded by the Companies Act, 1963 (Act 179). This contention by Tiger Eye PI is a deliberate and dishonest falsehood unbecoming of an anti-corruption activist of any integrity because there is no company registered under the laws of Ghana known as Tiger Eye PI Limited.’

The former AG said that ‘there is no registered company in the register of companies with such objects whether described as Tiger Eye PI or Tiger Eye PI Limited and Ghanaians demand proof as alleged by Tiger Eye PI and its lawyer, Mr Kissi Agyabeng, of the registration number and date of incorporation of the said company he claims is Tiger Eye PI Limited.’

Employing Agents
He insisted that ‘Tiger Eye PI or Tiger Eye PI Limited should produce its licenses and permits to employ agents in Ghana in compliance with LI 1517 since its establishment and undercover work. It is the non-compliance with the laws of Ghana in which it operates that makes it a dummy, criminal and fraudulent scam on the world like any 419.’

Mr Amidu said that Tiger Eye PI, described as a private investigation agency in Ghana, ‘must do this having regard to the fact that the only registered company is Tiger Eye PI Media Limited with registration Number CA-57,546 incorporated on 7th April, 2009 with Anas Aremeyaw Anas as the sole shareholder.’

‘Lawyers (if properly trained) know that the dummy Tiger Eye PI Limited, as Mr Kissi Agyabeng now calls it, cannot be the same as the lawfully registered Tiger Eye PI Media Limited in any circumstances under the laws of Ghana.’

He said that ‘accountable’ and ‘transparent’ answers with ‘utmost integrity’ to his claims ‘will establish once and for all that Anas Aremeyaw Anas and his Tiger Eye PI on his website are not a credible business under the laws of Ghana…’

‘Insulting me does not wish away the criminal fraud Anas Aremeyaw Anas and his dummy Tiger Eye PI’s perpetrated in collaboration with his employers, this NDC Government.’

Mr Amidu said that the government could have handled investigations into judicial corruption without ‘commissioning or standing by for a dummy and fraudulent Tiger Eye PI to do any undercover investigations for it.’

By William Yaw Owusu

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