Don’t Allow Blaise Compaore Into Ghana—Political Scientist Warns Gov’t

An international Relations expert, Dr Yaw Gebeh has warned the Government of Ghana not to entertain any attempt by the deposed Burkinabe leader, Blaise Compaore to flee into Ghana.

According to him, any move in that regard will spark an unhealthy relationship between the Ghanaian government and the future government of the former French colony.

There are speculations that the embattled leader is heading for the Cocoa-producing West African country after resigning his post Friday, following days of protest against his decision to extend his 27-year rule.

The Ghanaian government has also noted its readiness to welcome him, should he make a request.

Speaking to Citi FM, Gebeh said it will be inappropriate for Ghana to welcome the ousted leader.

“We shouldn’t be seen as allowing a dissident president to come and reside in our country, such a move will create problem between Ghana and the incoming Burkinabe government. we need to be very careful. Ghana as a country can decide to turn down any request of such nature from the Compaore” he stated.

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