DKM Microfinance customers invoke curses on BoG Governor

Some aggrieved clients of DKM and Diamond Micro-Finance Limited at Nkoranza Wednesday afternoon held street protests and invoked curses on Central Bank Governor, Dr. Kofi Wampah.

Their anger at BoG Governor, Dr. Henry Kofi Wampah is based on President Mahama’s statement during the State of the Nation Address in which the President said lack of effective supervision by the Central Bank led to customers losing their investments.

He criticized the supervision of the BoG, which would have avoided what is now a sad story that has led to many losing their livelihood. President Mahama revealed that a lot of work was going on behind the scenes to ensure that the investors get their funds back.

This, therefore, informed these aggrieved clients that the Governor has done little to ensure that they get back their monies.

”The struggle will never end until we get our monies back and God will punish whoever played a role in the loss of our monies,” said the leader of the Concerned Nkoranza Youth Association.

Nana Nyarko, expressed his dissatisfaction with the way aggrieved clients are being treated since news broke about the misappropriation of their savings by DKM and Diamond, a year ago.

According to Nyarko, “61 lives have already been lost through suicide and we are not going to sit down for more souls to be lost. We are fighting till our last breath to ensure that we get our monies back.”

Before slaughtering a sheep to curse the BoG Governor and all other people who contributed in any way to customers losing their monies, Nyarko added, “Some people have been arrested because they are unable to pay back monies they borrowed for investments, others have also run out of the community just because they cannot retrieve huge monies they invested with these fake investment companies. Why do we have to suffer for someone’s negligence? Why?”

The aggrieved demonstrators also sent a message to government to count the Nkoranza North and South constituencies out of the November 7 polls as they would be mourning their lost souls between November 7 and December 7 and will therefore not participate in the 2016 elections.

Story by Ghana | | Abubakar Ibrahim | Email: [email protected] |Twitter: @safabra

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