DJs don’t play my songs because I don’t pay payola – Kwaisey Pee

Highlife musician Kwaisey Pee has alleged that some Ghanaian DJs and presenters have refused to play his songs on radio because he stopped paying payola.

Kwaisey Pee, born Akwasi Opoku, made the revelation on Hitz FM’s ‘Showbiz Fylla’ with Amanda Jissih. He was promoting his new single ‘Esugyeni’.

He said, “It’s been difficult getting DJs and radio presenters to play my songs. Last year, some people demanded money before they play my songs especially my people from Kumasi.”

Payola is a payment made to a disc jockey to persuade him or her to play a particular song. Most musicians have complained that the practice is unfair, costing them their career since their songs never get the popularity they deserve.

Kwaisey Pee said, on several occasions, he heard some DJs saying they will not play his songs because he didn’t give them money when he brought the CDs but according to him, these were the same DJs he used to pay payola to when he could afford it.

“Before, I was paying Payola and since I stopped paying payola, they decided to stop playing. I’m even surprised that these same people I used to pay payola to are the same people who have refused to play my songs. Now that I don’t have the money to pay, they’ve decided not to play them anymore.”

The ‘Me Hia Odo’ hit maker emphasised that the reason most of his old songs became hits were because he paid DJs and radio presenters to play them.

According to Kwaisey Pee, the only songs he didn’t pay payola for are ‘Me Hia Odo’ and ‘Sh3 Ahw3n33’.

The musician, son of legendary highlife artist, Agyeiku, is, however, hopeful that the situation will be different this year.

His new song, titled ‘Esugyeni, meaning a ‘Bachelor’, which was written and produced by himself, is to encourage the youth to find their partner before 2016 ends.

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