Disable Group Grow Wild On Their Chairman Over 2% Common Fund

The Association of Concerned Members of Physically Challenged at Ejura- Sekyedumase municipality is violently calling for its committee chairman, Mr. Emmanuel Kofi Antwi to be summarily sacked with immediate effect for malfeasance and incompetence monitoring of their 2% of the municipal common fund.

They are accusing the chairman of manipulating monetary figures and capitalizing on the majority of disabled illiterates to steal monies to enrich himself.

The association is therefore demanding the immediate removal of the committee chairman.

In a series of letters written to the Municipal Chief Executive, the secretary of the Association, Mr. Edward K Yennunkon, accused the chairman as “corrupt” and “dictator” in the disbursement of their 2% share of the common fund, who’s inhumane and dubious actions worsens the plight and woes of the disabled.

He said the committee operates in ‘opaque technicalities’.

“The committee in question displays actions that are pregnant with questions for instance, they are quick in disbursing our funds but never disclosed to us on the paper the total amount of our two percent in the common fund as well as the list of beneficiaries across the municipal.

The amount received by the first, second and third batches were GH200, GH150 and GH70 respectively meanwhile there is no significant corresponding increase in the number of beneficiaries,” Mr Yennunkon alleged.

In the case of corruption, the association is demanding Mr. E.K Antwi to account for the GH23,000,00 which was allocated for all potential attendants of a national conference of the disabled that was supposed to take place at Takoradi in July, 2013 and also GH20 which was deducted from each beneficiaries under the pretense of making ID cards for the association.

“He is simply deteriorating our situation as destitute and so does not merit the position he occupies” the statement concludes.

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