Denu cell not broken; Police aided suspects’ escape- Residents allege

Residents of Denu in the Volta Region are accusing the police of having a hand in the recent cell break incident which has left community members in absolute fear.

Seven suspected criminals who were on remand in Denu, broke cells at dawn last week.

Police say the suspects overpowered two policemen on duty and made away with two AK47 rifles from the police armory.

The suspects have since been at large, a matter of huge security concern to the residents.

According to some of the residents who spoke to Joy News’ Volta Region Correspondent Ivy Setordzie the cell breakers were suspects who were arrested by the residents, alleging those suspects had threatened to kill them upon their escape from jail.

With the suspects now at large, the residents fear the cell breakers will carry out their threats.

Some of them went on a demonstration to protest the jailbreak incident.

The police initially did not have details and photographs of the escaped suspects but have since made them available.

Regional Police Commander DCOP Peterkin Yentumi Gyinae assured that the police was doing all it could to re-arrest the suspects but the residents are skeptical.

In a latest twist, the residents now blame the cell break on police complicity, negligence and professional ineptitude.

“The funny aspect of this whole jailbreak is that the cell was actually not broken. The padlock was opened. The question we should be asking is who opened the padlock?

“It is circulating in town that the officers on duty at that time actually ate with a lady who happens to be a girlfriend of one of the suspects.

“He took advantage of the said lady and was dating the lady….The lady then cooked for the police officer, drugged him and took advantage of the situation, took the key and opened the cell for her people to leave.

“Who do we blame?” a resident questioned.
The paramount Chief of Aflao Traditional Area is even more incensed with what he said are conflicting reports by the police.

He said the account of the police about the circumstances which led to the cell break has been contradictory and the police must take steps to resolve it.

“We are ready to work with your men,” he assured the police, but said the residents also need their support.

DCOP Peterkin Yentumi Gyinae said the police have stepped up efforts to have the suspects rearrested.

He said pictures of five suspects out of the seven escapees, who were deemed to have committed serious offences, have been made available to the public.

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