Demoralized teachers wail over snail’s pace validation process

Teachers across the country will have to wait awhile longer to receive their salary arrears and other allowances because an ongoing validation process does not look like ending anytime soon.

Several months after the process began, only 10,000 documents have so far been validated with over 50,000 documents left to be validated, Vice President of the National Association of Graduate Teachers (NAGRAT) Angel Karbonu told Joy News, Tuesday.

The validation process is part of government’s policy to streamline the payment of salaries of public officials and to reduce, if not curb, fraud in the payment of salaries.

In February, the teacher unions threatened to embark on a strike over the delays in the payment but the Education Ministry said it was yet to receive all documentations needed to process payment.

The Ministry gave an April 16, 2016 deadline to complete the validation process but it doesn’t look like it will be able to meet the deadline.

Angel Kabornu told Joy News he was in shock to find out that thousands of forms submitted my teachers for validation were yet to be given to the validation team.

“We were shocked and surprised to see the volumes of un-validated forms that were stuck up in the district and regional offices of the Ghana Education Service.

“We were so shocked as to why these forms filled by teachers demanding their arrears will be kept in offices and not transferred to Accra for validation process to go on,” he said.

There have been calls for the 10,000 validated teachers to be paid their arrears and allowances but Mr Karbonu disagreed.

Even though he admitted that the validation process is slow and tortuous process, he added the unions would rather wait till the exercise is completed before the teachers will be paid.

Mr Karbonu also expressed disappointment with the slow nature of the validation process, saying that will affect teacher motivation.

“This is something that demoralizes the teacher in his or her work,” he said.

He said somebody must be held accountable for the snail pace with which the process is being handled.

Meanwhile, a statement issued by the validation team which comprises the teacher unions, including GNAT, NAGRAT and Concerned Teachers, expressed optimism that all teachers will be paid if they follow the procedures.

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