Definition of gift in Public Officers Bill generates debate in parliament

The definition of gift in the conduct of the Public Officers Bill has generated a debate on the floor of Parliament as the bill meant to ensure greater professionalism in the conduct of public offices.

The debate begun after Majority Leader Alban Bagbin called for clarifications to be made on the bill.

Joy News’ parliamentary correspondent Elton John Brobbey reports that according to a memorandum accompanying the conduct of Public Officers Bill 2013, a gift may come in the form of money, inheritance or any other form of income.

Clause 6 of the bill states that public officers who receive a gift of È» 1,000 are not under any obligation to disclose it.

However, a gift of Ȼ10,000 must be disclosed with and an investigation conducted to ascertain whether the amount will in any way compromise the office of the official.

Also, if a public officer who fail to disclose their assets before entering office could have them declared as an illegal acquisition.

The MPs have however kicked against this part of the bill and called for more clarification into it.

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