Declare National Day To Mark Christmas Apt. Kyei Urges Government

Apostle Kingsford Kyei Mensah

Apostle Kingsford Kyei Mensah

Apostle Kingsford Kyei Mensah, area head of the church of Pentecost Kwadaso in the Ashanti region has urged government to declare a national day to mark the birth of Jesus Christ in the country.

He said the move will help strengthen the base of Christian’s faith in the country, as Ghana is generally known as a Christian country.

He cited Arabians countries where mass ceremony is often held annually to remember their superiors such as “Mohammed”.

According to him, such mechanisms would help cultivate respected moral habits into upcoming generations to fight corruption and other acts bedeviling the nation.

The respected man of God, Apostle Kyei Mensah made these remarks when speaking in an interview with Modern Ghana in Kumasi, Tuesday.

He said, it is time Ghanaians unite together to build a strong and solid religious faith to drive the country.

He also advises the youth to desist from acts that would disgrace the birth of the messiah during this Christmas season.

He, therefore, urged the youth not to get drunk as means of appreciating the birth of Jesus Christ. He said, the birth of Christ is measure to repentant that leads to salvation.

According to him, Christmas is a period of understanding that Christ was born to save the world from deadly sin. He says the birth has brought light and that light must shine in the life of all meaningful Christians.

He emphasized that, it is time Ghanaians use to appreciate the mercy and grace in God from the beginning of the year till now.

Apostle Kingsford was of the view that, though Christ was not born on 25 December as Christians perceives, there is no problem celebrating the birth of Christ on December 25.

He said, the 15 districts at Kwadaso area of the Pentecost church have mechanized effective convention to mark the effective season.

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