Dear Nollywood, Before Your Next Movie, Consult A Media Planning Director

90% of Nollywood movies bomb (flop), because both the executive producers and producers either don’t have a media plan or are clueless about a media plan for promoting and marketing their movies. Making noise about a movie does not mean you have a media plan. And I see more of unplanned opportunism than pragmatism in Nollywood.

The multiple award winning best family movie in Nollywood, Champions of Our Time would have made millions of naira from the film merchandise of T-Shirts, Face-caps, mugs, etc. And the gold mine is still waiting to be mined, because millions of school girls, parents, guardians and teachers in Nigeria have not seen the movie, and many companies like UNILEVER, NESTLE, P&G and others would have sold millions of more products if they actually explored the big opportunities for marketing promotions through this timeless must see movie for all families and schools. But they have not, because of lack of media planning from the beginning by the producers of the movie even though they had all the space to do so, including the endorsement of the governor of the biggest and richest state in Africa. They got peanuts and forgot that Lagos is a Island of coconuts.

See examples of the biggest movies that made more than US$29 billion from film merchandise alone!

Yes, film merchandise is a major part of the film industry and Nigeria as the largest market in Africa has the biggest market for film merchandise waiting for producers, distributors and exhibitors, but nobody in Nollywood has the Big Picture!

From the cinema to the film festival to the street, film merchandise is a big money spinner for the film industry. But even the organizers of film festivals in Nigeria are clueless about this. A film festival is the trade fair of the film industry and not a movie jukebox or a jamboree of film shows.

One week at a film festival can sell out your film merchandise store.

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