DCE condemns Tuna Senior High students riot

District Chief Executive for Sawla-Tuna-Kalba, Alhaji Mumuni Isaac Dramani has condemn recent riots by students of Tuna Senior High which destroyed school properties worth thousands of Ghana Cedis.

Speaking at a parade to mark the 58 th independence of the country at Sawla,  he expressed regret that despite policies and programmes put up by the government to provide quality education in the country, some students in the country do not see the value of education and rather go on to misbehave.

On February, 12, 2015, students of the Tuna Senior High School demonstrated over what they called inhuman treatment meted to a female colleague by a male tutor.

It has been alleged that a male tutor ordered a female student to strip naked in front of her colleagues for wearing attire considered inappropriate at the school.

The students angered by that directive, took the law in to their own hands, vandalised school property worth thousands of Ghana Cedis forcing authorities to close down the school indefinitely.

”I condemn this action and call on parent, school authorities and stakeholders to tailor out pragmatic measures to prevent future occurrences of these riots in our educational institutions.”

He announced that government will commence the implementation of a number of interventions under a $156 million Secondary Education Improvement Programme (SEIP) of which Tuna Senior High School is one of the beneficiaries.

The interventions include improve facilities and quality of education in 125 existing secondary schools, providing ten thousand, four hundred (10,400) scholarship to needy students of which 60 percent will be reserved for girls, building the capacity of six thousand, five hundred (6,500) mathematics, science and ICT teachers and provide leadership training for heads of second cycle schools.

Wading in to issues of infrastructural development, Alhaji Mumuni Isaac Dramani stated since the creation of the district in 2004, it has seen a major transformation in the areas of health, education, water, Feeder roads among others. Almost every community in the District has benefited from a project in the above mentioned areas.

The major challenge faced by the district is supervision in schools which leaves much to be desired. He attributed the situation to logistical challenges. In order to change the tide view the Assembly is providing the Directorate with motorbikes for the Circuit Supervisors to enable them do effective monitoring and supervision in the District.

He concluded by urging the people to strive to ensure that they build a Better Ghana through national unity in which the dreams of their children can become a reality.

”The best we can do is to contribute our quota towards building that Better Ghana, so that the coming generation will remember us for adding to the legacy of the Founding Fathers, and not remember us for destroying their heritage.”

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