Data Protection Act, 2012 [Act 843] Officially Launched.

Minister of Communications Dr. Edward K. Omane Boamah

Minister of Communications Dr. Edward K. Omane Boamah

The Data Protection Act, 2012 [Act 843] which was passed by Parliament in 2012, to protect the privacy of individual and personal data has been officially launched with its website and registration system.

Speaking at the launching ceremony which took place in Accra, the Minister of Communications Dr. Edward K. Omane Boamah, noted that information and communication technologies are being misused by numerous anti- social elements in aid and furtherance of their illegal and nefarious activities. A dding that such actions have caused untimely deaths and dangers to a lot in the country.

“It is therefore in line with this that the ministry has been particularly instrumental in the passage of key legislations to improve competition and transparency in the ICT sector, the Data Protection Act, 2012 [Act 843] being one of such” he said.

According to him, the Data Protection Acts guarantees specific rights and obligations to the processing of one’s information in order to protect the sacred precincts of personal life and dignity in the information age.

This he said, every Ghanaian has the right to privacy of his or her communications and such right must be guaranteed in the processing of one’s personal data irrespective of how he/she used it.

He stated that the launch of the Data Protection Act; the Data Protection Commission; its website and registration could help the citizenry to seek answers and solutions to challenges that confront ones right to privacy and personal data protection.

He said the ministry recognizes how vital information is to the growth of the economy. It is in this, light the government is making it necessary to make the internet available to all and sundry in the country.

He said to facilitate a high- speed internet connection; the government is pursuing massive investment in broadband infrastructure to cover the entire country and to ensure access to internet as a human right.

“The development of the 780 Km fibre optic infrastructure which is to expand the broadband internet connectivity for data transmission in the country from Ho to Bawku with a link to Tamale through Yendi are major investments by Government” he stressed. He said as part of government’s broader commitment to bridge the infrastructure gap to enable broader participation in information age, government is building a National Data Center infrastructure which will serve the public and private entities in the country.

“This is comprised of a Primary Data Center in Accra and has over 500 rack space estimated to be the largest in West Africa is estimated to be fully completed in a couple of weeks. Adding that, there is Secondary Data Center located in Kumasi has been completed .According to him, the data will provide services such as web hosting , cloud infrastructure as a service solutions and dedicated servers to all and sundry” the sector minister added

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