Dangerous Anti-Loitering device in Accra

Malam Junction

Malam Junction

Every device or equipment are designed purposely behind some aims and objectives and came with installation specifications, burglary proof are designed to ward off intruders and are placed on the fence above the height of about at least five feet and above in where it does not pose any treat to children and innocent passersby. This is a different case at a mallam junction petrol filling station when burglary proof was converted to act as an anti- loitering device to ward off loiterers away from the walls of the petrol station. The vertical and horizontal pointed edges of this device are installing on a wall of about two feet tall posing dangers to passersby and children. Considering the location of this installation, a busy place of this nature, if every victim has the opportunity to lodge complaint, the complaint sheet will have no space for new records.

It is the duty of Districts, Municipals and metropolitan Assembly to checks on building plans submitted to them before approvals, this question now arises did they go back to check if the building plan with its specifications submitted are strictly adhere to after the completion of the building? We urge the GA South Municipal Assembly to do something about this eyesore and in other places like a church besides the Arena Motor Park stack broken bottles in the cemented pavement around the church, and in many other places

By Ibrahim Adey.

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