Customer opens new mobile phone package to find tin of sardines, sponge

A customer opened his new mobile package to find the handset had been replaced by a sponge and a tin of sardines.

Greg Cundill, 23, was expecting to receive a shiny Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge after upgrading his contract.

But was left baffled when the he opened the box to see a packet of oily fish.

Greg said: “I didn’t know what to say when I pulled out what I did.

“I don’t even like sardines. I suppose I’ve got no excuse not to do the washing up now I have a sponge though.

“The packaging was as you would expect and it didn’t appear to have been tampered with.”

O2 said it was investigating the mishap alongside UK Mail, the courier firm it used to deliver the item to Honiton, Devon.

But UK Mail said it was up to O2 to establish how the 125g tin of fish in tomato sauce ended up in the Samsung box.

Greg added: “It’s a bit mad how I’ve been sent some sardines and paid £56 for the privilege.”

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