Current NPP Internal Wrangling Does Not Mean Party Is Disintegrating

Former Deputy Energy Minister under Ex-President Kufour’s administration, Kwame Ampofo Twum has added his voice to numerous comments that it is too early for the leadership of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) to argue about a suitable candidate for the flagbearership position.

Speaking in an interview with, Hon. Ampofo Twum was of a strong view that pitching Nana Addo for the flagbearership slot is very premature.

According to him, it is rather prudent for the party to unite in order to become a formidable force and should not be portrayed in a bad light.

He found the internal wranglings in the NPP a usual trend, hence should not be misconstrued just because the party members have varied opinions over a potential candidate to lead the party to victory, come 2016.

To him, it does not therefore mean the party has disintegrated.

“I don’t want us to see it as factions in the NPP because it bears a negative connotation. In the big party such as the NPP, there will surely be certain people whose opinions may differ from others but it doesn’t mean there are divisions in the party.”

Also, touching on the state of the economy, the former Deputy Energy Minister believed the Mahama administration is too loose unlike the Kufour government where his cabinet Ministers could not hide behind him to promote their personal agenda.

He revealed that, under the leadership of President Kufour, every Ministry was accountable to him and he made sure that he was privy to every activity undertaken by his cabinet Ministers including their Deputies.

“On daily basis or weekly basis or monthly basis, you must be accountable to the President. He must be privy to all your activities because whatever you do, will have a bearing on his administration. President Kufour had an absolute control over the Ministers…The Minister is accountable to President Kufour while he is accountable to Ghana.”


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Current NPP Internal Wrangling Does Not Mean Party Is Disintegrating

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