CPMR bemoans failure of producers of bitters to engage services: Kasapreko commended

The Centre for Plant Medicine Research has bemoaned the failure of some producers of bitters to engage its services.

The Centre says although the producers may have the skills required to prepare these bitters, it was necessary for them to have their products tested before they go onto the market for consumption.

Executive Director of the Centre, Dr Augustine Ocloo says the importance of having consultations with the Centre before the products are made available for consumption cannot be underrated.

“Bitters have been in the system for a very long time…but the fact is that even though we know our ancestors were using bitters, from time to time we have been hearing about the death of people who went for some bitters or medicinal plants, used it and died.

“Medicinal plants can be very similar if you are not very good in determining which one is good for what it can be very dangerous.”

The number of bitters being sold on the Ghanaian market has increased sharply over the years.

Producers of these bitter promise the cure for various disease when their products are consumed.

But the Centre for Plant Medicine Research says until the products are tested and certified by them, their intake might pose a health risk to consumers.

The Centre however, commended beverage producer Kasaproko for constantly ensuring that their products are tested before they are put on the market for sale.

Dr Ocloo said Kasapreko is the only company that has collaborated with it to have its products tested and approved.

“Kasapreko came with certain medicinal requirements for plants with properties that will support the body and promote vitality so we had to do our research and select certain specific plants with those properties for them.”

“So we selected seven plants and these seven plants are plants that we have used for the past 40 years at the centre and they can be combined to have a very good product,” Dr Ocloo said.

He called on other producers to emulate Kasapreko to ensure that the market is rid of harmful products.

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