Constitution makes Ghanaians depend on politicians; Casely-Hayford demands ammendment

A member of the pressure group, Occupy Ghana, wants the 1992 constitution ammended to free Ghanaians from depending on the politician for bread and butter.

Casely-Hayford has observed that the constitution Ghana currently operates was created to protect the interest of the then President Jerry John Rawlings and succeeding presidents.

The 1992 constitution gives politicians especially the president so much power “to appoint everybody and control everybody”, he noted on Joy FM’s Super Morning Show during a discussion about the tendency of some people to go to the extremes of protecting the interest of politicians.

There have been pockets of politically motivated violence in the two main political parties in Ghana, the NPP and NDC.

Casely-Hayford pointed out that power is too centralised such that it dictates who gets what and where.

Such centralized authority translates into an intimidated citizenry who tends to preserve their jobs by keeping quiet in the face of wrongdoing, Casely-Hayford noted.

Pushing for a stronger local governance system, Sydney Casely-Hayford called for changes which will empower citizens to take control of their lives.

“It is time for us to now sit back and say how do we fashion a constitution that will ensure that we can develop from district to municipal level and not have to worry about how the center hold together?” he said.

He observed that there is too much corruption in central government and this affects the work of the average Ghanaian far removed from the scene of government business.

“The central portion that we are trying to hold is the portion that corrupts us…that is where people make money. This is where they sit in other to come up with all kinds of schemes in order to get rich.”

He pointed out that poverty is also responsible for the violence arising from political contests. In some countries, the economy has become more important than politics but that is not the situation in Ghana.

“We sang a mantra at one point…’ to seek ye first the political kingdom’ …that era is over and what Ghana is not doing is recognizing the changes that the world is going through”.

Countries who achieved independence just about the same period as Ghana have moved forward because they have noted that “your political stability comes when you have economic stability”

“When people are not hungry and looking for 1 cedi and they are not prancing around the street looking for a scrap…..they are better able to think through and are more politically aware.”

He drew a co-relation between politics and economy pointing out that a poor people have nothing to lose by engaging in violent politics.

Let’s feed ourselves…why should I be importing rice?

Story by Ghana|Myjoyonline|Edwin Appiah|[email protected]

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