Choose leaders with integrity to fight corruption- Palmer Buckle

The Metropolitan Archbishop of Accra, Charles Palmer Buckle has charged Ghanaians to make integrity the prime criteria in choosing leaders if the fight against corruption will succeed.

Civil Society Groups including Occupy Ghana have recently stepped up their campaign to put pressure on the Mahama administration to deal with the menace which is said to cost the nation millions of cedis each year.

Various fora have been organized to solicit ideas on how to deal with corruption in the country, but no definite suggestion has been agreed on.

Now Archbishop Palmer Buckle is offering what is perhaps the most fundamental proposal to uproot corruption in Ghana’s governance.

 He told Joy News’ Joseph Opoku Gakpo in an interview: “It is the leaders, how do we choose our leaders, and who do we choose as leaders? That is the problem. What are the values we look for in the leaders we choose?”

Archbishop Palmer Buckle is discouraging Ghanaians from choosing leaders based on political party affiliation and ethnicity.

“We must look at the people who have integrity and are ready to stand up for that which is virtuous. We should not just choose people when we know they are not up to the leadership role,” he told Gakpo

He is convinced electing leaders of integrity, will be the surest way to  eradicate the canker. 

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