Chelsea Star Didier Drogba Shows Off His Dance Moves (VIDEO)

Didier Drogba may not be getting much action on the field but he’s certainly full of life off it.

Chelsea’s Ivorian striker posted a video online showing off his (ahem) interesting dance moves by a swimming pool.

The 36-year-old forward claimed to be doing the dance, which appeared to resemble the movement of some sort of mechanical poultry, for his friend and musician Serge Beynaud.

The former Galatasaray striker was enjoying a break while the rest of his team-mates flew off to play for their international sides.

Drogba, who retired from international football in August 2014 following a muted performance at the World Cup, will have been delighted to see the Ivory Coast pick up four points in their African Cup of Nations qualifiers against Sierra Leone and Cameroon.

The Blues legend has now returned to west London ahead of Chelsea’s clash with West Brom on Saturday.

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