Charterhouse Is The Best -Nicolas Omane

The controversial gospel musician, Nicolas Omane Acheampong , noted for making allegations against Charterhouse for not awarding the right artistes, is this time congratulating the organizers of the VGMA.

He made this assertion whiles dedicating his latest album, ‘Mahashala Hasbaz’ to the demise of Komla   Dumor,   for his commitment and dedication to journalism in African.

He observed that after witnessing the gospel award which flopped, and compared the orgainsation by charterhouse as far better and the best when it comes to awards.

According to him, some allegations made in the past regarding the awards are issues of the past and he prefers to remain quite about it, to allow the organisers to carry out their duties to achieve the purpose of the Ghana Music Awards.

He further reiterated that the media has tagged him to be a controversial musician for his positions on awards, but appealed to the media to maintain their cool over the nomination list.

Gospel artiste, Nicholas Omane-Acheampong returns with another album, with the title ‘Mahashala Hasbaz’.

The man is back with another heavy name for a song and an album. Looks like the gospel artiste is sticking to ‘big names’ for his album branding, who knows what his next album title will be?

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