Change Month For Elections – Moses Foh Amoaning

A private legal practitioner, Moses Foh Amoaning is proposing that the month in which elections are conducted in Ghana be moved from December to November to ensure ample time for settling any disputes over results.

According to him, “if the month of elections is changed from December to November, there will be ample time-three months for hearing and tackling all legal arguments, do the necessary documentation and filings, and give judgement on election petition cases so that by the end of February or March, everything will be settled and the President can be inaugurated on time”

Mr. Amoaning’s comments comes on the back of a similar proposal by Vice President, Kwesi Amissah Arthur.

Mr. Amissah Arthur has suggested a six-week time frame for the settling and determining subsequent election petition cases.

In the Vice President’s opinion, when election petition cases are settled and determined within six weeks, it will address uncertainties that can emerge.

But speaking on Eye Witness News, Mr Amoaning noted that the Vice President’s proposal is not feasible, as “six weeks will be a very short period for settling election petition cases.”

“When trying a matter that has to do with the sovereignty of the nation, you cannot just do it anyhow, you have to do it properly and you need a bit of time so I think six weeks will be too short.“

He also stressed the need to expedite judicial processes when settling election petition cases.


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Change Month For Elections – Moses Foh Amoaning

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