CEPS is not recruiting any new staff

The Customs Division of the Ghana Revenue Authority has denied employing fresh staff through back door channels despite a government freeze.

The authority, however, admits it is engaged in some recruitment, except those being employed are part of a process initiated in 2013 before the freeze on employment.

Public Relations Officer of the Customs Division of the GRA told JoyNews “the GRA is simply concluding a recruitment programme that started in January 2013during which about 21,000 persons responded”.

The GRA also confirmed the integration of some GYEEDA and NYEP staff “that have worked with the GRA over a-year-and-a-half or more to determine their suitability as full-time employees”.

The reaction from the Ghana Revenue Authority follows widespread speculation about clandestine recruitment into the agency.

It is unclear though how many of the new recruits are being taken on through the GYEEDA/NYEP window. Officials downplayed the request for the figure, indicating all the recruits will be taken through the same process.

JoyNews had obtained videos of some of the recruits being bussed to the GRA training school at Kpetoe in the Volta region, from Accra some three weeks ago. The authority however explained the recruits who were transported on that day were part of a process that started in 2013.

Robert Nana Mensah who speaks for the Customs Division said apart from some junior and senior operational staff, the process covered some specialized staff including IT experts, Laboratory staff and statisticians.

He also explained the decision to absorb some GYEEDA and NYEP staff who have been working with the Authority for some years now is “ a decision made from their end which is fair because some of these volunteers hold some offices together and they have gained experience over time”.

He cautioned the GRA does not sell recruitment forms and anyone offering the forms is misleading the public and should be arrested.

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