CEO Of OrphanAid Africa Bianca Collier Grateful To Ghanaian Musicians

The CEO of OrphanAid Africa Bianca Collier appreciates Ghanaian musicians Afro Moses, Adolf Tagoe, Lady Talata for their support at theYoung Adult Support Services (YASS) 2014 New Year event at Madina in Accra.

Speaking to this reporter in an exclusive interview, Bianca did not only tell how grateful she was to have these musicians perform tremendously at the YASS program but also revealed with details what the OrphanAid Africa is about and what they intend to do in Ghana. Read on;

Please brief me about the YASS program?
OrphanAid Africa’s Young Adult Support Services (YASS) program assists 73 young people in the transition from foster care and family-based care to early adulthood and independent living by:

 Promoting stable relationships with responsible and caring adults;

 Assisting with the management of physical and mental health needs;

 Supporting economic success through education and employment programs;

 Providing life skills training; and
 Improving access to stable and safe housing.
OrphanAid does this by providing support including conditional cash transfers, school fees and materials, housing support, medical costs and start-up packages. In addition, YASS offers regular and extensive life skills training which prepares and equips youth to become capable and productive adults, including HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention, financial literacy, substance abuse prevention, career planning, social skills and relationships, work and study skills, violence prevention and self-confidence building.

For how long have you been doing this?
OrphanAid Africa has been doing this for eleven years, since 2002

What inspires and motivates you in doing this?
Many children who have grown up in orphanages, and have lost connection with their families, are left stranded when they turn eighteen and the orphanages force them to move out. At this stage the majority of these young people have not completed their education and are not ready to live independently.

Therefore we are motivated to undertake this work so that those vulnerable children, who become vulnerable youth, are supported to have successful lives into adulthood. The program facilitates a much brighter future for these youth and enables them to break the often unhealthy patterns which they have been born into.

Any sponsors, supports from anywhere?
We receive funding from The Stern Stewart Institute, Accor, Ayutamiento de Elda, and Societe Generale. In addition many individual donors from Europe and America also contribute to this program.

How would you describe Afro Moses, Adolf Tagoe and Lady Talata and how have they contributed to the YASS project?

Afro Moses came to perform at the YASS 2014 New Year event. He shared his incredible wisdom and insight with the young people inspiring them to dream, and be, the best they can be. His example shone through and the young people from the program were encouraged to let go of their past and focus on what they can achieve in their future.

Adolf Tagoe and Lady Talata also came to support the program and the young people were thrilled to have such highly talented individuals in attendance at their New Year event, to share their music and inspire their dreams.

What has been your dream/vision?
The vision of OrphanAid Africa is to support orphans and vulnerable children in Ghana through family support, education and development. Our overall goal is to ensure that children grow up in safe and permanent family settings with appropriate care and protection. The vision of YASS program is to enable these young people to have every opportunity to turn around their lives and become successful in their chosen path.

Which other African countries do you have this program going on?

We are currently only operating in Ghana.
Tell me about yourself (Bianca) and your position
I have over eight years experience working in the not-for-profit sector in over ten countries including Ghana, Sudan, Ethiopia, Afghanistan and Pakistan. I have completed post-graduate studies in International Development and have much experience managing multi-million dollar projects in complex and insecure environments. I have worked extensively in Child Protection with both Save the Children and OrphanAid Africa addressing issues of Orphans and Vulnerable Children. I am passionate about ensuring that every child and young person gets the best opportunities possible to enable them to achieve their personal goals, despite their beginning in life. I am the CEO of OrphanAid Africa.

You can log on to for more details about this program.

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