Ceasefire- NPP Youth Wing Declares

The National Youth Wing of the New Patriotic Party wishes to register its disapproval of the emerging trend within the Party where some leading members openly attack each other thereby running down the Party.

We express deep concerns that if the current trend is not properly checked, it would potentially lead to further cracks and unnecessary divisions, which would ultimately affect our electoral fortunes, come 2016.

Drawing inspirations from the New Patriotic Party’s Constitution, we wish to remind all members of the Party of their Constitutional responsibility of projecting the name and image of the Party in good light at all material times.

As stated in Article 3(d1) of the Constitution, the duties of a member include:

- Protecting and promoting the good name of the party.
- Protecting the unity of the party
- Being loyal and truthful to the party, etc.

While encouraging constructive criticisms through the laid down Party Structures, we also wish to reiterate Dr. Mahmoud Bawumia’s call on the rank and file of the Party, never to speak ill of any fellow NPP member as that would only lead to further cracks and affect the cohesion within the Party.

We encourage extreme circumspection and decorum in all our utterances and further urge all our members to close our ranks and offer support to the National Leadership as we embark on a collective effort to recapture power in 2016. Let us ceasefire.

Long Live NPP

Long Live Ghana

Emmanuel Attafuah-Danso
National Youth Organizer, NPP


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Ceasefire- NPP Youth Wing Declares

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