CDD Lecture: Ghana needs affirmative action to promote inclusive developed democracy

An Israeli Professor and Guest Speaker of the 11th Kronti Ne Akwamu lecture series on Democracy and Governance is calling for deliberate affirmative action techniques to allow for inclusion in Ghana’s democracy.

Speaking on the topic “Promoting inclusion in African democracy,” Naomi Chazan is convinced that without the most advisable affirmative action techniques, “those outside will remain outside.”

Her comments come in the wake of the botched affirmative action programme introduced by the New Patriotic Party for its upcoming parliamentary primaries.

She told an audience made up of MPs, civil society activists, educationists and media persons that democratic regimes ordinarily allow for enormous amount of inclusion because of the notion that individual citizens are the ones who determine political power.

Prof Chazan was however quick to add that “inclusion does not necessarily mean all groups and individuals have equal access” to political power.

“Some groups are more included than other groups,” she admitted but warned democracies that do not incorporate diverse groups and opinions run the risk of imploding.

“Without inclusion, democracy will slowly wither away.”

Prof Chazan said the principles underlining democracy are equality, justice and equitable distribution of resources, and the vehicle to achieve these principles is to have the policy of inclusion.

She bemoaned the ethnic, religious and gender exclusion in the political, economic and social affairs of many countries, a situation she said had triggered violence across the world.

Prof Chazan said Ghana must strive for better inclusion of all interest groups to promote strong democracies, development and social cohesion.

The Kronti Ne Akwamu lecture series is a Centre for Democratic Development initiative which discusses issues about democracy and governance.

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