Cash-strapped Juabeng gov’t hospital running on mortuary fees

The only service not covered by the National Health Insurance Service (NHIS) at the Juabeng government hospital has turned out to be a life-saver as fees taken for keeping the dead is now used to run the hospital’s gen set.

Funds from the hospital’s mortuary are used to buy fuel to power a stand-by generator in order to keep the facility running.

The hospital spends 10,000 Ghana cedis every month on fuel in the face of worsening power crisis.

The main source of funding for the hospital is claims owed by the National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA). But like many government facilities, the familiar tale of delayed payment of health insurance claims is taking a heavy toll on the operations of the hospital.

But a much near and present danger to the hospital is the power crisis. The Juabeng government hospital is plugged into the national crisis which has seen many SMEs struggle to survive. There has been a record increase in the cost of operations of corporate giants.

When the benevolence of creditors gets overstretched and the credit line is withdrawn, the hospital is put in a very difficult position of looking for money for power.

Thankfully, mortuary services are not covered by NHIS, “so the little money we take we are able to buy fuel”, the administrator of the Juabeng Government Hospital, Bawa Osman told Luv FM’s Prince Appiah.

The generator is turned off at 11pm because they must to conserve energy for the next day, he said.

When the gen set is turned off, rechargeable lamps, mobile phones and torchlights used by patients, doctors, nurses, workers provide lighting for the rest of the night until sunrise.

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