Cadre Fronts for Business Measures To Tackle Despondency in NDC

A former Chairman of Krowor Constituency (2001), a grass root cadre and leading member of the ruling National Democratic congress (NDC), Mr Stephen Akwetey has called for serious measures to tackle the despondency that has befallen the party’s grass root.

According to him, unity of party members was very important, but the despondency level after the 2012 elections was more serious, and if not properly tackled could cause the party serious problems in the 2016 elections.

The former member of the Greater Accra Regional Tender Board (1989 to 1992), who has also shown interest in contesting the Greater Accra Regional Chairmanship of the NDC made the essential observation when he feted party members in the constituency during the New Year celebrations at a party he organised for fellow constituents at his residence in Nungua, Accra.

He believes that one of the best ways to tackle the problem is by empowering the people at the grassroots to be able to take care of themselves and their constituencies, so they do not rely on the central party machinery for handouts which they never get and keep complaining. To this, he is building and instilling business ideas in the various constituencies in the region, which other regions are even requesting for.

“Our vision for the constituencies and party is project driven, very practical and not toeing the line of talk shows, as has been done in the past. My idea of all constituencies in the Greater Accra Region owning their own companies and projects is catching up with other regions which are requesting for it. There are people from the Volta and Western Regions calling for it, saying that the idea is so laudable that it should even be adopted on a national level. Aside constituencies soliciting for funds to meet their projects halfway without relying on party machinery or government; they will also work with companies in that direction.” Mr Akwetey stated emphatically.

Already, he is in talks with constituencies to begin numerous projects including fibre glass building, de-silting and drainage construction, building an Art and Craft village in the Ada District as well as the Ada Resort and Marine Development Project of increasing the tourist base of the nation and bringing huge employment to the hospitality industry. This later project also includes building canoes to compliment the mode of pleasure trips by the tourists.

Mr Akwetey explained how constituencies could collaborate with companies to fund their projects halfway, adding that they have more programmes for the region.

“In every constituency, we have not less than five companies. And these days, you know every company wants to be branded. If the constituencies are so business conscious and they know what they are about as we are pushing them to be, they must have a programme on paper, go to the companies and convince them that such a programme will benefit the whole society; and they want them to pay part of the whole project cost and then brand it as their own. If companies can sponsor festivals which are one-stop sort of programmes, what about a structure that will be permanent in their name? So if we don’t take advantage to buy corporate Ghana into our programmes, how do we want government to do that? Because the central government is only relying on the national purse which is not meant for your party, but it is meant for all Ghanaians. And you can be assured that for a whole year, they wouldn’t have even thought of you because, there are major projects being worked on. But if you on your own volition tend to have a programme which is so dear to the heart of the people and government sees it as very important but has not budgeted for it; the constituencies can go out to solicit for funds and even start the project halfway and get then support for their own initiative. It is said that any society without innovators or critical thinkers is a dead society. So let us take the initiative, as God helps those who help themselves.”

Mr Akwetey added that party members must not allow money mongers to take control over the party because; they will be swept off the ground. Rather, they have to take the bull by the horn, by being independent constituencies whom money cannot influence in taking decisions.

“We need to bury our differences, come together and when we get power and take control, we are going to do something different because all the talks that have taken place are mere rhetorics. We want to empower the constituencies, the grassroots of the party. Total governance is entrenched at the local level. There must be a collaboration between the constituencies and the assembles. As it is now, there is no collaboration, as everyone is working independent. What is on the board is that every constituency in the greater Accra region should form a company. Individuals can own their companies, but the constituencies must have their companies. Then we can go and bid for buildings, drainage construction etc.”

A sportsman as well, the one time Director of Operations in charge of Senior & Junior Teams of Accra Hearts of Oak S/C Ltd, explained that constituencies will easily get help for their projects when they take the initiative. already, they have taken a 500million dollars worth of project in the form of Ada for a Resort and Marine Development between the sea and River Volta. This will boost river transport and the building of more canoes local canoes.

Consequently, his vision has taken a business plan to Ada for instance, which has not existed for ages; making the people welcome the initiative wholeheartedly, as the Ministry of Tourism has also bought into it now.

He added that, having succeeded in Ada, they are now in Ashaiman; and has also together with his team collaborated with the Tema MP to meet the people once every month outside the Municipal Assembly to deliberate on issues that are included in the overall decision making. This he said has made the people happy as they are involved directly in the decision making and are taking part in their own developmental activities.

Mr Stephen Akwetey therefore is calling on constituencies to join hands and project this noble vision of running the party at the grassroots level in the region through project and business driven activities.

By Yvette Appiah





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