C Real ft Wanlov Chale We dey: My Review

C Real one of Ghana’s hiphop acts and runner-up for Sprite Emcee Africa in 2009 has featured Wanlov on his new song ‘Chale we dey’ produced by KaySo.

The song talks about the state of affairs in Ghana, the typical Ghanaian attitude of not speaking the truth, poverty, politics etc.

C Real opens the main verse of the song with “We dey fear talk true cos Ghana we dey”; typical attitude of Ghanaians, most of us not speaking the truth, either because we are afraid to or to win favours.

The clever and humorous side of Wanlov is clearly evident in his line “Khebab seller give me two sticks of Mahama”.

Wanlov questions the conscience of the listener in the hook by asking “You sure say if we jiga today wey for bok flagstaff house your mind go dey?” I guess because Ghanaians are known to talk so much and do very little.

C Real affirms that in the line “Ghana people so so mouth mouth nobody go come flagstaff house that day”.

The song’s content about Ghana’s problems makes me a little sad, I smiled when Wanlov finishes off the by saying “Wee also dey which is called Marijuana.”

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