BNI personnel demand improved conditions of service

The Bureau of National Investigations, BNI is in Parliament seeking codified conditions of service as a state body that oversees matters of counterintelligence.

The document titled, BNI Regulation 2015 also seeks to streamline disciplinary procedures for the agency and clarify how the bureau will interrogate and detain suspects in line with the country’s laws.

The document which has been laid in parliament is expected to travel the mandatory 21 day maturation before it can be passed.

Chairman of the subsidiary legislation, Osei Bonsu Amoah told Joy News, recruitment into the service will change when the law is passed.

“Before it came to the committee we did consultations with BNI. We went through the documents together before we laid it in Parliament,” he said

The document among other things outlines how personnel of the BNI should be recruited, including the fact that the prospective personnel must have high moral standards and should not have been dismissed in any public service.

He said the Bureau wants a comprehensive legal framework to regulate their activities.

The Bureau has time without number made the headlines for detaining suspects beyond the stipulated 48 hours and sometimes preventing suspects from having access to their lawyers.

OB Amoah believes a lot will change if this document is passed.

“It is about their welfare, their conditions of service; it is about their code of conduct and how they go on retirement,” he said.

He said the BNI is not above the constitution and must operate within the dictates of constitution. He challenged Ghanaians to go to the courts if they believe the Bureau is operating in a way that trampled on the rights of the people.

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