Blue chairs mark first Sunday service after Myles Munroe’s fatal plane crash

It was a packed assembly with standing room only as the congregation of Bahamas Faith Ministries gathered together for Sunday service on November 16th, the first Sunday service following the tragic plane crash in Grand Bahama which took their beloved leader, Dr. Myles Monroe and his wife Pastor Ruth Munroe, along with Pastor Richard Pinder.

Two chairs sat empty, adorned in blue satin and gold, respectfully reserved for the late Rev. Myles Munroe and Pastor Ruth Munroe.

The baton has been passed to Dr. David Burrows who is now the Senior Pastor of Bahamas Faith Ministries. Kersh Darville, the new BFM Fellowship Pastor was appointed in April of this year, and Darville officially took over the same week Dr. Pinder died.

Myles Munroe Jr. spoke during the service, obviously touched and moved surrounded by his blood family and church family.

“I was gonna prepare a speech, but as I was getting ready this morning I just knew that I was coming to talk to family,” Myles said, holding back tears. “I figured I would just speak to family. It’s been the hardest week for my sister and I and my family, and everyone else that has been affected; and it’s because of family why we are able to stand here today,” Munroe continued.

“My dad always spoke about his belief in people, nothing else mattered but the people, regardless of how long he spoke or he travelled, he always made time for people. That’s just the kind of person that he was. And we sometimes take that for granted just because people are here every day and you just don’t think certain people won’t be here tomorrow,” he added.

Speaking also at the Sunday service was Pastor Sheena Pinder and Richard Pinder Jr.

Photos seen here are courtesy of congregation member, Troy Edward Clarke.

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