Bimbo Daramola In Mega Empowerment, Delivers 32-Bed Hospital

For the constituents of Ekiti North Federal Constituency 1, comprising of both Oye/Ikole Local Governments, there is no better representative than the present representation from Congressman, Hon. Bimbo Daramola who out of passion took his statutory responsibilities above buts and beyond expectations.

Precisely on Saturday, 8th November 2014, Hon Daramola added another feather to his numerous scorecards as a Federal parliamentarian in an historic grand commissioning of a 32-Bed Joan Taiwo Daramola Memorial Hospital in Ire Ekiti, Ekiti State; an event which almost coincided with his birthday which held on November 9, 2014.

The well attended event witnessed the attendance of top shots in Nigeria’s political landscape which became a carnival and an opportunity to undertake a feedback to the constituency base on the mandate granted him almost four years ago, in what has been christened ‘Abomire’. This is not the first time the much revered and respected Congressman is going back to his root as a distinguishing mark of honour, however, this particular occasion bore the mark of finesse and absolute example of service to mankind.

The roll call included but not limited to former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar, former governors of Ekiti State, Dr. Kayode Fayemi, Segun Oni and Niyi Adebayo, and Chief Jide Awe, APC Chairman, Ekiti State. Others in Attendance were Ekiti State Anglican Bishop, Kabiyesi Onire of Ire Ekiti, Oba Victor Bobade, House Chairman on Millennium Development Goals, Hon. Alhassan Ado Doguwa Prof. Michael Alonge from Ghana among others.

The 32-Bed hospital comes with state of the art facilities that can cater for Surgery, theatre, accident, emergency, neonatal and delivery wards as well as laboratory, optical and dental section to mention a few. This is privately funded, an initiative of Hon Bimbo Daramola. A man whose unending delivery of his services go beyond the electoral mandate, Daramola uses his pet empowerment programme, Abomire, to send a strong message. According to him, the latest addition to innumerable feedbacks to his constituency is service from the heart. Adding that the “medical facility is indeed a product of personal sacrifice and denial, undertaken at great personal expense.”

He expressed satisfaction that as the building stands, “it is not that of another personal accomplishment but derived from the fact that I have kept a core promise, such that in or out of position, this medical center becomes an eternal benchmark of my tour of duty in the Federal House of Representatives. And beyond this is the satisfaction and reality that this medical facility will make enduring impact, not only in the lives of my direct constituents who are immediate beneficiaries but on humanity in general, for the present and future generations, without recourse to whether they are politicians or card carrying members of any political party.”

He further said it is a project for all times, “for all people and for all seasons that will outlive all that are here to witness its commissioning today. Against this politics in the hands of anybody who cares enough to stand to the eternal advantage of the people and satisfaction of God, to whom we will all account to sometimes, someday. Politics inherently does not commit people to do good but a good heart will commit politics and politicians to do good works that will endure for all seasons in or out of an active political career.

“My genuine hope and expectation is that for years to come, the sick will find this medical facility useful, children and mothers will not have to travel great distances for healthcare delivery, risking increased prospects of infant and maternal mortality, the elderly will be assured of adequate medical attention in their own neighborhood as they retire from their liFes’ toil in relative peace and comfort. “

Medical personnel will be assured of adequate and whenever possible world class facilities to assist them in their life’s calling of saving lives and fighting diseases; and that there will be a new stream of livelihood from medical tourism for the inhabitants of Ire-Ekiti, my ancestral home and its environs, thereby improving on the economy and placing my Federal Constituency, its Local Government (Oye and Ikole) and indeed Ekiti State, the Land of Honour on the national grid of outstanding medical facilities.

According to the Atunluse of Ire-Ekiti, Chief Femi Ajayi, “Hon. Bimbo has demonstrated a sense of social contract as a novel home grown socio-political practice which will enable the people to monitor the performance of their elected representatives. This is a moral concrete help to the people. It is a delight. It is also a notable promise fulfilled, let other politicians emulate him,” he advised. He added, “This is a unique and remarkable achievement being the first private health center built and donated by an individual to any community in Ekiti State.” Bimbo’s father, Chief F.A. Daramola, the Mayegun of Ire-Ekiti on his congratulatory message said the “occasion marks the third Abomire (3rd Reporting Back) to the people of Ekiti North Federal Constituency.”

He said his son’s venture into politics is borne out of strong desire to offer genuine service and demonstrate that politics is not to amass wealth. “It is a means of promoting the greatest happiness of the greatest number of people. In my modest judgment and to great extent, our congress man has done this.” He explained why the name of the hospital was chosen. “The naming of the hospital after a mother of five who left them and the husband prematurely is to underscore what love, care and affection JoanTaiwo Dramola showed to us all and others. To JTD, every Ire-Ekiti son was Oko Mi – my husband – while greeting them. She loved Ire-Ekiti and Ire-Ekiti showed her love in return,” he asserted.

The Speaker of the Federal House of Representatives, Hon. Aminu Tambuwal, who commissioned the health center congratulated the initiator saying he expected no less from him. “It is a very impressive health center in Ekiti State and the country is general. I must commend his enthusiasm and this heartfelt initiative.” Indeed, before this latest mind blowing medical center, Congressman Daramola had given out many solar overhead tanks, motorize pump, construction of several transformers and extension of electricity wire fixed by the Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN).

Other projects he has embarked on and has successfully delivered include the support of over 1000 men and women with cash ranging from N25, 000 to N100, 000 to encourage small and medium scale enterprises as well as enabling the beneficiaries to invest capital for the past three years. In addition, over 200 indigenes have benefited from scholarship while similar numbers have procured the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board form. Several other hundreds have got short scholarship to train and learn to become experts in information and communication technology while many have been assisted to collect their results and school fees paid.

According to one of the beneficiaries, who was assisted to ensure his result was collected from the university, Toyin Adekunle, “Congressman doesn’t deny you access; he does anything you ask even if that is out of his mandate.” His empowerment programme has also given out over 200 laptops to students, over 100 motorcycles, several 70-seater busses to aid transportation, several 18-seater busses allocated to Oye and Ikole routes, 48 sport utility vehicles given out in almost four years, 38 good tricycles given out to his constituency and has encouraged co-operative in the land as well as levies support. Some other supports he has dished to his constituency are sponsorship of weddings, pilgrimage to Jerusalem and Mecca, payment of medical bills which particularly has ran to several millions in just over three years as well as payment of school fees among others.

Some of the villagers expressed satisfaction with the representation he has shown in the last three and half years ago saying it far surpassed what many two or three timers have performed. According to a respondent, Tola Iyabode, who said she has lost two pregnancies to having to travel several hours to seek medical assistance during labour, “Hon. Daramola will live long. He has shown that others before him were just embezzling our money. What he has also proven is that it is possible for good things to happen. Honourable has used his personal income to build this huge hospital, may God bless him.”

Another resident, who expressed appreciation to the huge gesture urged other representatives to follow in the footsteps of the young politician. “Other politicians just follow what this man is doing. He has shown that if he is elected as the president of Nigeria today, we will live like Americans. Look at how much he has spent to build this hospital. Other people go abroad to buy houses and keep their families there but Mr Daramola has continued to support us. My son benefited from his free laptop and my daughter too was trained in computer. How many people can do this? Mr Daramola, may God bless you.”

But to Hon. Daramola himself, he has a personal choice and commitment to Almighty God that he will give an account of every authority God has given to him. “Every authority comes with responsibility. God gave me the authority to represent these people and I must be able to account for the time spent. The health center, he said would be given to the Anglican community to manage for the community.

Speaking further, Daramola said, “My dear friends 3 and a half years ago, I by the grace of God and support of my people secured the opportunity to bear their mandate as member House of Representatives. It’s being a long winding and tortuous journey having started in 2007.

”The road had been laid with thistles and thorns and sprinkles of roses, I have gone through crests and troughs but I can say hitherto the lord has helped me. In another 24 hours by the grace of God, I will be handing over to Ekiti state Anglican communion a modern purpose built from scratch 32 bed hospital in Ire Ekiti for management.

”This is in fulfillment of my promise to my people that my heart beats for them, that my term in House of Representatives will have tangible impact and identifiable benefit enduringly. And also in loving memory of my dear mum after whom the hospital is named. With 24hours to commissioning it’s a good time to thank God giving the grace to start and carry it through without expectation of a thank you from anybody or anticipated political reward, my joy is that my term has a number of reference points this is the flagship, also the elderly can have their arthritic and rheumatoid pains attended to, women can have their children in safe place and in good hands, prospects of infant and maternal mortality will be further dimmed and malaria and other health challenges can be taken care of without having to go wake up bus drivers in the wee hours to be taken to medical centers in Ado Ekiti or Ido Ekiti.

”These are my sources of Joy. May I therefore humbly invite you to join us at the formal commissioning by 10am on the 8th of November 2014 at Ire Ekiti, Ekiti state Nigeria. I look forward to receiving you. Thanks a lot.” Daramola said.

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