Best New Artiste Of The Year: I Am The Man For The Work—VYBRANT FAYA

For a category like the Best New Artiste at this year’s VGMA’s, it is clear that Reggae/Dancehall is the trend and the business of the moment. It has proven to be so by with about three dancehall acts in the nominations with another hip hop act and then and Afro act. This sets the pace and clearly show that dancehall is the current trend hence new dancehall acts dominated that category.

Talking about dancehall and the dancehall acts involved, I happened to be the only one who really produced an original song under the year in review. Remember when Ghanaians first heard Mampi, they thought it was a Jamaican song, later to find our that Mampi is proudly Ghanaian.

In a current trend like Dancehall, where you have big acts like Samini, Shatta Wale and Stonebwouy, I think the Mampi General did exceptionally well with the song Mampi, because the song brought about standardization in our dancehall music. It was after Ghanaians listened to Mampi that was when they became proud that Yes, we can produce dancehall like the Jamaicans and match their standard, what I call the Upper Class.

Also, not just producing a quality dancehall song and leaving it behind, and not just for the sake of Vybrant Faya music or SMF music but for the image of Ghana Music as a whole, my family and I had to make sure of an Upper class production by hiring a Channel O award wining director to shoot the music video and also use that platform to export Ghanaian Dancehall to the rest of Africa. All these coming from a new artiste with his debut single.

Coming back from South Africa, my family and I had to put up an event dubbed VYBRANT FAYA LIVE IN CONCERT which was held during the Christmas in 2014 at Alajo. The event which saw massive turn out also served as a platform for upcoming dancehall artiste like myself the opportunity perform to the crowd. Other existing artiste like Ras Kuuku and Iwan were also there to grace the event.

It all didn’t stop there, just at the beginning of this year, Mampi has enjoyed nominations in the recent Ghana DJ Awards, GN Bank Awards and the subject of the day the VGMA’s. This is to prove that, in the explosion of Dancehall in the country Mampi is the song which came to raise the bar to the Upper Class level.

Now, when we talk about awards, Vybrant Faya and the SMF sees an award as a recognition of your hard work and also to employ you to go on with the good works. Awards is given to us as an encouragement which will be given to recognized hardworking artiste who can continue the work by producing quality dancehall music like Mampi, and keeping an upper class production with along with it. I think the awards set us as role models and we have a bigger responsibility to deliver by taking Ghanaian music to the world.

With the above bein explained, it means there is a great task with the award titiled ‘Best New Artiste Of The Year and I think VYBRANT FAYA IS THE MAN FOR THE WORK.

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