Before I Became A World Champ, A 6yr Old Boxer Used To Beat Me – Azumah Nelson (VIDEO)

Did you know Azumah Nelson blossomed into Ghana’s most decorated boxer after he got disciplined by a six year old boxer on numerous occasions?

Today, he is referred to as a Professor of boxing, Boxing Champion, World Champion and Heavy weight Champion but had it not been for the hell he went through as an unpolished boxer, no one would have remembered him for any of such accolades. Making this startling revelation on UTV, Azumah Nelson stated that he was at his mother’s family house when he saw a young man and a child making their way to a gym.

“I was seven years as at that time and I saw the man holding the little boy’s boxing shoes. I drew closer to him and informed him that I can fight the boy. He was a six year old boxer; but the man told me I can’t and left after he had given me the direction to the gym they were heading to.”

“That afternoon I marched to the gym in the company of my friends and when we got there the man didn’t even recognize me. I had to remind him that I was the little dude he met earlier before he did. I was handed a glove and the fight started. When I fought the guy, I realized I was only throwing punching and not dodging the ones he threw at me”.

“I lost that fight but on our way back no of my friends said anything me to. I was also wondering what running through their heads but no one passed a comment. I went home and only I kept pondering over the mistakes I made. I asked myself why he prevented my punches and I didn’t.

The next day I went there alone and he beat me again. But this time, I did better than my first day. I went there on several occasions and although he won, I kept improving”- the Boxing legend recounted.

Watch his revelation below

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