Be truthful On IMF Conditionalities Samia Tells Prez Mahama

The Chairperson of the Conventions Peoples Party (CPP) has asked President John Mahama to immediately update Ghanaians on the conditions attached to the approximately  $1 billion three-year IMF bail-out programme   the country signed up for Thursday.

According to her, the President should have used his  State of the Nation  address to provide details of the conditions attached to the bailout package.

Ms Samia said if the government was really interested in transforming the economy, it would not be implementing policies that would it very difficult to add value to Ghanaians.

‘People are finding it difficult to afford even a good second meal, prices of goods are high, there is ‘dumsor dusmor’, businesses are suffering,’she said.

‘We know what is the [true] state of the nation, but that we expect is for our government to be truthful with us and tell us that ‘these are the difficulties,’ the CPP Chairperson added.


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