Be the Ambassadors of Hope: Ghanaians urged-Rev. Dr. Alabi Ghanaians

The World Hope Day 2015 has been marked in Accra on Monday April, 13 at the Mission of Hope Ministries, Dzorwulu, with the clarion call on all Ghanaians to be ambassadors of hope to the nation rather than agents of hopelessness.

Rev. Dr. Ebenezer Alabi, host pastor of the Mission of Hope Ministries, initiator of the World Hope Day stressed the need for Ghanaians to keep the hope alive at all times in his remark during an evening inaugural ceremony to commemorate the ‘World Hope Day’, adding, ‘Without hope there’s no life and where there is life there is hope’.

He said: ‘One of the most important things in life is hope, that’s why we need to set up a day like this to give hope to people. Hope is what you need to be what you want to be in life, so when there is hope we can face lifeknowing that where there is no hope, certainly there’s no life”.

The message of hope preached by the ”Apostle of hope” himself as he’s also known in the Christian faith was clear and straight to the point ‘don’t give up; there is hope for you!’ he charged the patrons.

Whilst speaking on the topic ‘The Power of Hope’ Rev. Dr. Alabi, noted “every problem we face in this world is due to lack of hope” adding “when we have hope we will be able to face life at all cost.

He remarked:”our behavioral pattern depends on the level of our hope, blaming the root cause of every crime on lack of hope.

The Apostle of hope disclosed his decision to initiate the World Hope Day was due to the absence of a mark of such an important day in life when other days are observed across the world yearly. According to him, just a little is being said or done about the word ‘hope’ whilst the word ‘faith’ is being talked about extensively on daily basis across the entire worldwide and among various religious beliefs in the world.

Rev. Dr. Alabi revealed he is desirous to be the happiest man in life and after death to have his tomb in inscribed with a writing “founder of the World Hope Day”. This, he described as the ‘mark of successful man’ who has lived, gone, and will be forever remembered by generations for years to come in blessed memory.

The significance of the day according to Rev. Dr. Alabi, ‘the Apostle of Hope’ was to set the day apart historically to be celebrated every year whilst reaching people with the message of hope, sharing hope and urging them to be ambassadors of hope in this world of darkness.

Various ministers who preached at event re-echoed the word hope in their delivery, stressing the need for the world to experience hope and urging patrons to be the ambassadors of hope after which a prayer was said to God for the restoration of lost hope for the entire nation.

Present among the dignitaries who graced the occasion includes the Executive President of all Nigerian Community in Ghana, Moses Owharo, Mr. Charles Sam, a renowned social media activist, Rev. Dr. Bishop Peters Rev. Joseph Shaka from South Africa, Pastor Mrs. Demay Alabi and many others.

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