Bad Weather Caused Fuel Shortage—Moses Asaga

The Director of the National Petroleum Authority (NPA), Moses Asaga has attributed fuel shortage in Accra to bad weather conditions in Europe and parts of the USA.

According to him, the bad weather conditions led to the delay in arrival of cargo thus causing the shortage.

“There have been delays in Cargo arriving as a result of bad weather in North Europe and North West USA and this bad weather has led to a delay in cargo arrival,” Mr Asaga said.

Scores of fuel stations in the capital have been without fuel since last week.

Speaking on the Citi Breakfast Show, Mr Asaga however said employees of the Tema Oil Refinery, Fuel Trade and other organizations had been working over the weekend to make fuel available in areas where there were shortages.

“Most of the Depots that we have;the Tema Oil Refinery Depot, the Fuel Trade Depot among others, have been filling the tankers which are supposed to be moving to the various locations throughout the weekend.”

He also stated that various checks in other parts of the country revealed that the shortage was nearly resolved in many of the regions.

“There is about 72 percent to 80 percent fuel available in the country right now. A survey in Kumasi showed that out of 106 filling stations, 72 percent of them had stock on Friday and Saturday. A similar check in Bolgatanga , showed that 80 percent of fuel was available”

According to him, distribution was underway to make fuel available in the capital.

“We are doing the distribution and we are quite happy that fuel will be available up to the 85 ,90 percent that we are expected to have,”Mr Asaga said.

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