Assembly Members deserve share of Common Fund – Expert

Former Boss of National Association of Local Authorities of Ghana (NALAG), Mr. George Kyei Baffour has said that assembly members should be given a share of the District Assemblies’ Common Fund to meet their administrative expenses.

Member of Parliament have are share of the DA’s Common Fund for projects of their choice, but Assembly members go without any remuneration or a share of the Common Fund to undertake projects in their respective electoral area.

Some Assembly members, who spoke with Adom News, think that must change because they also have needs in their electoral areas and they have other administrative costs to meet.

Mr. Kyei Baffour agreed with the Assembly member saying that they [Assembly members] go through several difficulties in the course their work but no one pays them for that.

‘It is unfair for MP’s and DCEs to have a share in the Common Fund and use some to meet their administrative expenses while assembly members are left to use their own resources to do their work,’ he said.

Kyei Baffour stated that the call by the assembly members is valid given that they are not paid but required to work towards the developments of their various districts.

‘Such an important work requires logistics because assembly members use their own funds, which is not helping the course of decentralization,’ he said.

He noted that the Constitution has not been fair to the assembly members who are the direct beneficiaries of development in the district.

‘It is worrying that such a crucial work is a voluntary affair with no logistics or funding provided by the state,’ he lamented.

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Assembly Members deserve share of Common Fund – Expert

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