Assassination Plot On Kwesi Nyantakyi Uncovered

A plot to assassinate Ghana Football Association (GFA) president Kwesi Nyantakyi and his close ally on the Emergency Committee George Afriyie has been uncovered as killing operation is close to being carried out.

The local newspaper called The Illuminator reported that Mr Lawson, an ex- convict from the Kumasi Prison is among those hired to carry out the killing operation, but has turned against them by reporting the issue to their news paper. The meeting to carry out this operation was held in Elubo

The news paper mentioned mentioned the names of some of the plotters of the assassination as Moro and Abolo who are all ex- convicts, but decided not to disclose the identity of the other members of the gang to help the police carryout an investigation.

“Mr Lawson was called from Kumasi to Elubo to join the group but he turned against the group and reported to our newspaper the plot to assassinate the two leaders,” Boateng told Happy FM on Monday.

“The police was alerted about this so they could not carry out the attack. We have got videos of all these and Takoradi police has confirmed to us that they have been informed.”

These men were been hired to carry out the massacre in Winneba where they were supposed to have attended an event two months ago.

A policeman has also been mentioned as part of the plot in the newspaper’s report as the man to supply the weapons to carry out the assassination.

According to the report, weapons and mobile phones have been distributed to death squads and that their reward money has been paid to them.

Kwesi Nyantakyi’s life was threatened in 2011 ahead of the GFA presidential election and if this is proved to be true, it will be the second time and coincidentally it is prior to the 2015 Ghana FA presidential election which he has declared to go for another re-election.

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