Ashanti NDC: Acting Regional Minister calls for ceasefire

The Acting Ashanti Regional Minister, Eric Opoku has called for a ceasefire on all internal wrangling amongst factions and splinter groups within the NDC in the Region.

The two main groups, the Bashaka and motor rider groups in the NDC; whose constant infighting and subsequent locking of the party office led to the sacking of the regional minister and his deputy, have also resolved to smoke the peace pipe.

The Acting Regional Minister called a marathon eight-hour meeting yesterday to iron out the differences on the front of the party in Kumasi.

Regional party executives, metropolitan, municipal and district chief executives, serial callers, the various taskforces, Bashaka and motor rider groups were given time to air their grievances and resolved to desist from causing further troubles.

It came to light at the meeting that the feuding factions were rooting for the two sacked ministers in a war of expectations.

The Bashaka and motor-rider groups have been complaining that their expectations in terms of jobs, logistical and financial support have not been met.

However, Eric Opoku emphasized he cannot work with a party with a broken front.

He called for ceasefire and tasked the regional executives to mend the cracks in the party and foster unity to enable them meet the one million votes target set by the President for the Ashanti Region.

He also wants meetings of the 47 constituency executives to be held every two weeks to further consolidate peace in the party.

Regional Communications Officer, Samed Akalilu, later told Luv News, all feuding factions and executives have resolved to work together.

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