Appreciation: 2013 was amazing in my career – Nadia

Nadia Buari Says Thank You…
The year 2013 marked a memorial period in my life. It was the year of an amazing success in my career. The year when my directorial debut, “The Diary Of Imogen Brown” received the biggest premier ever in Ghana (Accra, Takoradi and Kumasi). I couldn’t be grateful to God for anything more than His blessings in 2013.

It is impossible to forget 2013, the year when I received the honor of being the most searched Ghanaian actress. I remain indebted of gratitude to all my fans whose online reading about me made this honor a possibility.

2013 led to the discovery of the impact my fans, my family, my friends, my foes and my faith in God made on me. My fans in 2013 were simply incredible. Together in your thousands we broke all the premiering records in Ghana. I am deeply indebted to you for your love and patience.

My family is my team and my team is success. This is how my family helped to influence my success last year. Their sleepless nights have given birth to the day in which we shall all remain glad and rejoice. Thank you for how you endured the odds to ensure you even every challenge that came our way.

Through all the times, in all times and at all times my friends showed themselves friendly all the way to making success a collective possibility. To you all who was there for me, I pray God will be there for you this year.

I can’t forget how the criticisms of foes impacted my life. For while the love of my fans, family and friends warmed and cushioned me, the odium of my foes warned and cautioned me.

But during this period of different experiences in 2013, the faith I kept in God kept me, and the same faith I fought for, also fought for me to make all things work together for my good.

It will be very hard to forget 2013 because it was the year when what I believe in people made people believe in me. This was the driving force behind of my success last year – my belief.

Aside these, my personal success affiliates are my associates in business and sponsors who believed in my brand to either support me or do business with me. To you I will remain forever indebted. The days ahead will put us ahead of our competitors.

To all of you my fellow industry players, partners and producers who helped advance my talent, I remain obliged. Your input has determined the output of this Nadiamania the whole world sees. Thank you!

I also owe a lot of love and gratitude to my fans overseas whose continuous reading about me helped me become the most searched actress in Ghana. I promise to keep you reading this year with more positive weightier matters. I’m grateful!

The part social media played in my success last year cannot be overemphasized. My loyal fans on Twitter and other media networks whose love and encouragement saw me through the year, I pray God’s grace helps you run your race this year without much hurdles. Just know I love you dearly!

To you special people who watching Nadia in a movie is a delight, I wish you all, all you wish for yourself in 2014. For buying and watching my movies all these years especially in 2013, I say you will never lack any good thing this New Year.  For by you I was kept at the apex through the whole year. Thank you so much!

My friends of the press, I press on by your writings. Your input cannot be measured, but treasured as one that kept me on top. To you I say, the Spot you shed Light on, made me the SpotLight of millions. Thank you! I revere our partnership.

Once again, To my fans all over the world, I say a big thank you and Happy New Year to all of you! I love you all dearly!

Having achieved all these successes in 2013, in this 2014 we shall attempt the impossible together with God!


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