Appolonia residents thank God for ushering them into 2014

Residents of Appolonia, especially the youth, in the Greater Accra Region have been asked to begin 2014 with a resolution to serve God and to work hard to help develop the area.

The call was contained in a New Year message delivered by the area’s caretaker chief, Elisha Dortey on behalf of the chief, Nii Tei Adumoah.

Addressing residents, which included a large number of youth and elders of the area, Elisha Dortey noted that some elders of the area have held their own service to thank God for ushering them into 2014.

The caretaker chief used the occasion to appeal to the people to reflect on the state of the area and hope for a better year in 2014. He also conveyed a clarion call from Nii Tei Adumoah and his elders on the need for them to live together in peace devoid of actions with tendencies that can plunge the community into chaos.

He therefore admonished them not take for granted the existing unity there. “Nii Tei Adumoah, our chief has asked me to appeal to you all to please let this year see you double your efforts towards building a more united Appolonia.”

Asking residents to congratulate each other for their efforts at sustaining the peace and togetherness bequeathed to them by their ancestors, he remarked, “we have all come a long way to allow personal interest to over ride the collective interest of the community as a whole”.

He was happy plot by some elements to introduce divisiveness in the area has been unsuccessful. He also condemned self-styled king makers who recently installed one Iddrisu Tettey Mansro as the regent of the area. “Please help improve the fortunes of this area rather than spending your energy and quality time on acts which will subsequently divide us as a people,” the caretaker chief advised.

He therefore urged them to ensure that they begin 2014 with a resolution to remain committed to ideals which would in the end transform the area for their own benefits and generations after.

The youth amidst songs in their local dialect danced as they marched through some streets of the area.

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