Antoa Storms KMA

Messrs Elliot Fosu Bannor (left) and Lawrence Adu invoking the curses

THE PREMISES of the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly (KMA) became a platform for drama Monday afternoon when two elected members of the assembly caused a stir. They stormed the place with bottles of Schnapps and eggs for the purposes of cursing some people.

Elliot Fosu Bannor aka Puulele, assemblyman for Kuwait/Aprabon Electoral Area and Lawrence Adu, assemblyman for Afful Nkwanta, invoked three gods to strike dead some people in the city.

They were the dreaded river deity, Antoa Nyamaa, Akonedi and the Anyanta river gods. It was the second time within a spate of just one week that the KMA had been in the news for invoking river deities.

Messrs Fosu and Adu asked the gods to strike dead those who invoked curses on some assemblymen in the city over their pattern of voting during the KMA presiding member (PM) polls, which ended in a stalemate about a week ago. 

Initial Curse
Those behind the initial curse accused some known NPP assemblymen of collecting bribes to vote for Nana Adjei Kesse IV, a government appointee, instead of Nana Kofi Senya, who is a known NPP man in the KMA.

Nana Adjei Kesse IV failed to secure the needed votes to become the next PM of the assembly, despite taking a commanding lead over Nana Kofi Senya, assemblyman for Suame and the immediate past PM of the KMA.

Messrs Fosu and Adu, who claimed to be staunch NPP members, did not understand why Nana Kofi Senya trailed behind Nana Adjei Kesse IV, even though on paper majority of the members in the assembly are NPP faithful.

They therefore rushed to the Ashanti Regional office of the NPP with eggs and bottles of Schnapps to curse any NPP assemblyman that would take bribe to vote against Nana Kofi Senya.

The young men, who were clad in red colours to display their anger, then rushed to a different location in the city where the assembly members were attending a workshop, and repeated their action with eggs and the drinks. 

Mr Lawrence Adu issued a 48-hour ultimatum to those who cursed the assemblymen last week, to revoke the curse, contrary to that, the three aforementioned gods should strike them dead immediately.

Mr. Fosu, who was wearing red arm bands, prayed the gods to kill those who sponsored the young men who earlier invoked the curses on the assemblymen noting, ‘Those men who invoked the curses are not assemblymen so they have no right to invoke the curses.’

 FROM I.F. Joe Awuah Jnr., Kumasi

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