Anas Unmasked….Dares Martin Amidu

Those desirous of seeing the face of Anas Aremeyaw Anas, the sensational journalist at the centre of the recent storm about his investigations into the recent judicial bribery scandal, may now have their wish as he goes public without the hood.

Anas was unmasked during an interview with BBC’s Sammy Darko where he removed his hat before taking off his beads, leaving his face to be seen wearing glasses. It’s not clear whether the face is the real or an artificial one.

The BBC reporter had asked to see his face especially with the controversy surrounding it and with a lot of people imitating him by wearing the hood.

Anas Aremeyaw Anas removing his mask
‘This is my face. You see you never know what you are going to find. You say you want to see my face. For me the important thing is focus. It’s not about unmasking Anas; it’s about all of us putting our hands together to have a better continent,’ he said, apparently to surprise the BBC reporter.

According to Anas, anonymity had been his secret weapon over the years and he had used it to the benefit of the society.

Former Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Martin Amidu, has been on Anas’ throat over the conduct of his investigations into the judicial scandal, claiming that he was sponsored by the NDC government.

Mr Amidu stated that Anas was commissioned by the government to unravel rot in the judiciary but has suppressed part of the video to shield some of the judges allegedly caught taking bribes.

Mr Amidu has also accused Anas’ Tiger Eye PI company of not being duly registered according to the laws of Ghana, thus operating fraudulently in the country.

Anas has however thrown the challenge to Mr Amidu to provide proof of his allegations that he collaborated with the government in his investigations into the ‘bribe-taking’ judges exposé.

Mr Amidu claims that Anas was contracted by the Mahama administration to carry out the investigations in order to expose the judiciary of being corrupt while reports about corruption in the other arms of government are being shielded.

President Mahama himself has denied the allegation.

But speaking to BBC’s Sammy Darko, Anas said he would proudly welcome any collaboration with the government to expose corrupt practices in the country.

‘I love Uncle Martin. I think he has done a great job for this nation but you [Martin] can’t just say things without proving them,’ he told the BBC journalist.

The investigative journalist indicated that his commitment is to the Ghanaian people. ‘The work I did is for the people of Ghana. I trust in what I did. I felt that it would be unfair to keep that information to myself and that’s why I made it public,’ he said.

Amidu Fires Back
Martin Amidu fired back asking for a live radio debate with Anas over the issues he raised concerning the journalist’s investigations.

According to him (Mr Amidu), if the challenge is accepted, Anas should not be hooded during the debate. ‘No lawyers or other experts will be allowed to join in the debate. The hood should only be removed in the studio in the presence of only the presenter, myself and him so the likelihood that I wish to expose his face to the public will not arise,’ Mr Amidu stated in a letter to Anas challenging him for the debate today in any of three radio stations he mentioned – Citi Fm, Joy Fm and Starr Fm.

He explained, ‘I have no reason to be hooded even though I know the Government would rather I were dead and it will be unfair for me to debate someone whose face I cannot see in order to assess his demeanour for credibility, uneasiness and truthfulness.’


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