‘Anas Is Not The Problem, It Is Those Engaged In Corruption That Are The ProblemDr. Nduom

Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom who have made campaign against corruption an important element in his political life and the PPP party have said on the Ghana Great & Strong show on ATV that Ghanaians should make issues of corruption personal and shouldn’t be seen as a normal thing debunking comments been made by some politicians that Anas work is affecting the image of this country saying: ‘Anas is not the problem, he is doing his part. It is those engaged in corruption that are the problem. They are the ones bringing the name and image of this country down’.

Dr. Nduom pointed out on the show that bribery and corruption persist because there are rules and laws we don’t enforce. “We have people we have given jobs to that we don’t supervise them, we don’t sit on them to deliver, high productivity and then there are people who go into government with the sole aim of getting what they have not work for and when I say government it is not just about elected people in office, there are officials, people in appointed position all over, in the judiciary system, the legislative system, the executive side and the general public service all over.

Some of these people when you offer them job in the private sector they refuse because they believe it has no benefits. And this benefits they talk about is not their salaries or the official benefits that they are talking about.

They are talking about the illegal taxes, the unofficial fees; those are the things they are talking about. And so you might think that somebody is working in the public sector and so they are miserable, go and take a look at the house they have built, the cars that they don’t drive to work or the school their children attend or the kind of holidays they take, add all of those things up and they are several times their pay because the person is enjoying the benefits of his position or job and some people consider this to be normal. That normal thing is abnormal, it is illegal and it costing us a lot of problem and difficulties in this country” he added.

Engaging viewers on the latest bribery and corruption element on (GGS) on ATV, he noted that if Ghanaians think what we do in the country remain just here then we should think again because it follows us everywhere and it diminishes our chances of getting financial support and investors into the country. According to him there are some places or countries you don’t even expect they talk about Ghana but ever since this bribery and corruption case came up, you travel to such countries and they welcome you with all sort of questions.

He said he was thoroughly demoralized when he travelled out of the country to embark on a financial/business transaction and realized foreigners and business partners trust true justice is not guaranteed in this country. He said there some places he least expected to hear something been said about Ghana but he went there and people start asking questions related to corruption.

He further noted that sometimes when corruption hasn’t directly affected someone they think corruption is everywhere; everybody takes bribe and so what? “The point of the matter is this; corruption is something we cannot play around with it. Let me clear this, quite often we laugh over it. We see the police engage in this act and we see it as a joke and don’t do anything about it.

It is even in the license office, the NHIS office, even when you going for meter for your home, there are people in this country that take bribe before you sorted out. When it comes to corruption it should be something we all have to rise against and fight anytime it comes across board. The question is why should corruption be everywhere? he asked.

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